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  • toygore.com
    Have your Toy chewed by Terriers

    About Toy Gore.com
    About Toy Gore.com

    Do you have any boring toys that need patching up a little? Not any more, just email Lily Emery lily@toygore.com and all you have to do is send in your boring Toys and get them Gored up a little by having your Toy chewed by Terriers. Then once they have been chewed up we will send it back to you and you won't only get your Toy back you will also recieve pictures of our Dogs chewing it up as well.
    Your Toy will come back covered in blood from it's horrific injuries!

    You post your Toy to us, we Gore it, we post it back Gored...

    This services is only £2.30 +vat plus you pay all Postage and Packaging costs so email Lily to get your Toy Gored today.

    Toy Gore.com is the first, original and worlds number one Toy Gore Company and it was Lily's idea.

    The Company was founded in 2012 by Lily Emery and has been taking the leadin position on the Toy Gore Market ever since.

    Our main specialization is taking your Toy and handing it over to our highly trained and motivated Terriers, Rocky, Diesel and Lolly. Toy Gore.com employs highly trained specialists who are constantly improving their methods of work and whose skills are verified by the corresponding certificates, the following Photographs speak for themselves...

    Toy Gore.com

    Our clients and their needs are our main consideration. This and only this allows us to keep the leading positions and win our clients' trust and respect.

    Email Lily Emery today for more info lily@toygore.com

    Our Clients
    The Team
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